20 Sep 2010

Warlocks, Done and dusted !!

And for your viewing pleasure and critique.

Long story short , I had a load of warlocks from trades and long term the 1750 tourney army is getting fleshed out with a proper seer council @ 2.5k so I had 3 of the same model and another pair of duplicates.

I figured using multiples of the same model that are not just basic troopers would be a bit pants and I wanted to give em a bit moAr character.

First one thinks he is a samurai, has a head swap and a bit of greenstuff work. I know I have posted him before but he seemed to be missing something , so finished him up with a nice collar to match the rest of the warlocks.

Number two is a destructorlock he is made of a bunch of bits and pieces and some greenstuff work.With some careful cutting I managed to save his helmet , which you might spot hanging from his belt.

Before anyone asks , the avenger pendant hanging from the hilt is because he served on the path of the warror prior to becoming shinobi ..... ;o)

last one , just because I have always wanted to do one actually thrusting, is a Lock with a singing spear.

The first two Are going to lead two units of stormies and the spear dude will be joining the council eventually.

I Have managed to make significant progress with assembly this week, as I  fully cleaned up and assembled and magnetized a MkII Serpent and a MkII Falcon.

 Im going to aim to do the last two Serpents asap which means the whole army will be assembled, then there will be much spraying of black.....


  1. Nice work customizing your warlocks, I really like how you still included the helmets on the first two. Does the spear guy also have his helmet with him? These are great miniatures, well done!

  2. Sadly the spear guys helmet removal went horribly wrong .....

    So no he has no helmet :o(

    Its not really visible on the top pic but the helmet has a big gash/rent cut down the left side of it

  3. I love all the conversions for the warlocks! Would it be possible to list the bits you used for the conversions?

  4. ok , top most model is just an un-darked dark elf corsair headswap and some greenstuff to fix damage/blend it in

    Second guy is a little more complex with the 'jazz hand' and pommel rune from the Avenger/guardian sprues plus another Corsair head.

    The sword was left over from the bottom conversion + greenstuff = done

    The last one used the spear from the second one + some brass rod , some incredibly difficult drilling and a small amount of Greenstuff to tie the head in.