30 Aug 2010

They Killed My New TOI

So, following on from my last post, no sooner had I settled my self back into a game I had started with a chap the other day, vassal died ..... not even the main site has been up to contact anyone so I'm now suffering terrible cold turkey.

 Having the 'honeymoon stage' with a new plaything cut short is pain that should be reserved for kiddy fiddlers and people in marketing.

All a bit Richard the third really....

I'll wait to get a bit more time on vassal before I tear it to pieces for this outrage, so if anyone would like a game when they fix it drop me a line.

Ok so this here is an announcement of sorts, as I take the odd break from the Pain (ting) I will be doing a unit by unit analysis/rant on the units in the Eldar codex. I will also be submitting for potential public ridicule my own re written rules for them, which bring them up to scratch with 5th.

Will be fishing for some opinions and Just to shake things up a bit I'll be going backwards through the book hopefully at the rate of about one per week.

So once the cramps cease and I have rid myself of the scent of vom and poo and cleaned up a little Ill be attempting to tackle the Fire prism.


28 Aug 2010

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa!

No ?...... ok then.

So pictures for you quickly then Im buggering off to vassal , gagging for a game.

Various shots of Ra from different angles.

He 'declined' the offer of increased pay for a topless shoot.... my P.A is is still in hospital being fitted for a prosthetic upper limb ......

*Clothing provided By Haus Altansar

Monochrome WIP

Well just to show I am not made of lies I have managed to polish off the bone today. I thought he was looking Very noir / monochrome so I thought I'd take and share a piccy of him with you, my blogees.

Im going to keep a lid on him until it is finished now, maybe tomorrow maybe Sunday.

back soon

27 Aug 2010

Of Vassal(ene) and Pain...ting

So I guess its fairly evident little is happening here.

Allow me to explain. It seems finishing that prism took it right outta  me and looking at a paintbrush or thinking about painting this last week has almost made me sick a little in my mouth.

I managed to force finishing the black on Maugan Ra and just ground to a halt half way through base coating the bone. and there he sits ......

Part of the (entire) reason other than the fact painting makes me EMO with its hellish awfulness is that I managed to work out downloads and stuff and get myself onto vassal ......


Its freaking addictive , being able to test lists of stuff just for a gas without having to plop down 300 quid for an army is quite refreshing and has allowed me to get creative with list building and enjoy yet another dimension of the game, not to mention being able to (avoid painting) show up to what seems to be an online gaming club and just play anyone anywhere in the world.

I fully intend to Write a full review of Vassal for my next proper post , this here be just an update.

I also swear on matt Wards life that I will post finished pictures of Ra by the end of the weekend.

In the meantime Vassal has given me the opportunity to fine tune and decide on my Ulthwe Strikeforce


Eldrad -195

Ra - 210

TOTAL =  405


10 Stormies = 80 with 2 flamers + 12 + Destructorlock + 35 points = 127

Serpent with EML 120 pts + cannon 10pts = 130 
10 Stormies = 80 with 2 flamers + 12 + destructorlock + 35 points = 127

Serpent with EML 120 pts + cannon 10pts = 130  

TOTAL= 514
6 Dragons 96 + EML serpent 120 + stones + 10 + star engines + 15 = 241

6 Dragons 96 + EML serpent 120 + stones + 10 + star engines +15 = 241

  TOTAL = 482

Heavy support

4 reapers 140 + exarch +12 + tempest 20 + crack +10 = 182

in a serpent with EML + 120

4 reapers 140 + exarch +12 + tempest 20 + crack +10 = 182

  TOTAL = 604
Army total : 2005
For 2.5 k drop one reaper serpent and replace with EML falcon with holo's and stones @ + 60 

10 warlocks 250 + 4 destructors + 40 + enhance +15 + Embolden + 10 = 
in EML serpent 120                                    

TOTAL = 495
2.5k Army Total = 2500
For 3k add scorpion super heavy

Its actually not that bad considering RA is 200 points in the toilet and the Rapers are very much a unit that when it works is sublime but when it fails gets me reaching for them razor blades.

First test game against CSM saw them being de meched by missile spam (TL EML very accurate btw, me likey) then Raped (or is that reaped......) by tempest launchers + guide when they drop out.

Anyway here be ze list. And Ill get back with a review and some painted shite for ye

16 Aug 2010

Im Firin mah Lazah .....

Mmmm hot laser Death

Just gotta do the base and a transfer or two, tomorrow whilst the undercoat on Sir dries.

Crystal/Prism detail
In other News Some Reapers turned up, now Sir has some minions to do his bidding.

"You , my room ten o'clock , and you .... ten thirty, bring a fiend"

Really pleased how my army palette came out on this.


 lighbox  to small /awkward to take any pictures from interesting angles ,  shows you what the model will look more like under 'normal' lighting

14 Aug 2010

The end was in sight but ......

Instead of Pain-ting the rest of that prism I got caught up trying to sort out my Army list/s

This first one I am unlikely to use any time soon , Should be a solid reserves denial list ,8 tanks and 2 vypers @ 1750, plenty of ranged and close in AT  a good dose of str 6 spam I would have liked a fourth scoring unit but cannot see a way of squeezing it in a falcon with DAVU would be good but I'm not prepared to drop the prisms, I will think on it ........ this is possibly the most competitive of the lists when used well , did this more as an exercise in list building.

Autarch + Melta with 5 Dragons in serpent with cat upgrade and TL cannons

Autarch+ Melta with 5 Dragons in serpent with cat upgrade and TL cannons

6 Dragons in serpent with cat upgrade and TL cannons

5 Avengers in a serpent with Tl Brightlance + cat upgrade

5 Avengers in a serpent with Tl Brightlance + cat upgrade

5 Avengers in a serpent with Tl Brightlance + cat upgrade

2 Vypers with Cat upgrade + scatter laser (wondering if a third prism is a better option....)

Prism + cannon

Prism + cannon

Up next is the List I will most likely run for tourney this year , I'll have to do something else similar for the tourneys that do not allow special characters (boo his), on the plus side I wont see he'stan  or Lysander or Ghaz either,  Goody Gumdrops

This is still likely to get jiggled somewhat

Eldrad (as himself)

Yriel (As Q'Sandria or She'yriel Warlautarch of Ulthwe)

6 Dragons in serpent with Full Cannons

6 Dragons + Exarch with Crack (pipe) in serpent with full cannons

6 Dragons + Exarch with Crack in serpent with full cannons

9 Avengers + Exarch + 2xcats+ bladestorm in serpent + full cannons

9 Avengers + Exarch + 2xcats+ bladestorm in serpent + full cannons



And Finally My fluffy theme Army , a bit of a nod to the Ulthwe strike force , I Love Reapers (even if they do suck the fat one atm)


Ra (Sir)

Stormies +2xFlamer + Warlock+Destructor in Shuriserpent

Davu squad in TL BL + cannon serpent

Davu squad in TL BL + cannon serpent

7 Dragons in Shuriserpent

6 Dragons in Shuriserpent (Eldrad goes here@ 1750)

5 Reapers with Exarch +Tempest + crack

Prism + cannon

Prism + Cannon

Also @ 2k by dropping the Shuricannons on the Prism's and the odd Dragon I can Fit in

5 Warlocks 3x Destructor 1x Enhance 1x Embolden in a Shuriserpent

I actually quite like this list, its going to be fun trying to win with it and coming up with creative ways of getting the most out of Ra/ the Reapers.

Procrastinating over, back to the grind.......... after a whiskey (It IS friday night ?)

Well decided to throw some paint at the prism while I drank me pop, here it is with some flat colours on it, bear with me on the canopies, i have something cooking for that......

Edit/Update , and here is what I had cooking

13 Aug 2010

Work on Progress

First Tank I have painted in an age , god I wish this was guard or marine or something , then I could drybrush the mother****

Every single panel line stage 1 (50/50 chaos black and codex) then a blended highlight (of watered fortress) built up where there is an angle or join ,

The agony, 5 hours closer to death .......

About half way through.

Just the back door / laser cells to finish , and the turret , and and  .......

WTF possesed me to do a black army !!

12 Aug 2010

Thank Gawd its over !!

FINALLY finished these

Which Earns me one of these

Just an observation if I may , I am a retarded dullard , in my epic wisdom I decided that painting all three as a batch would 'speed things up'  Fail ...

I knew that I should do the Exarch separately I just wanted the whole lot over in one go , oh well lesson learned.

The celebration Whiskey is to reward myself for finishing 40 foot models, FORTY , Bleurgh

I have had a fiddle with Mr Ra's (Sir) base and have settled on this, I quite like the poetry of the Deamonette claw reaching around the Eldar ruin with Ra stood over , It shows that (in my mind) even though the Eldar civilization is a shade of itself thanks to the 'great Enemy' She still has to get past Sir ...

Blither waffle gibber pretentious waffle something pretentious something.

Also up next is the first of my fully magnetized prism's which I'll be painting now.

10 Aug 2010

To Avoid the Pain Ting

Re base Eldrad ...

Hopefully fielding a painted one may see him pass a ward save for once,


I...live....AGAIN !!!


And welcome to the birth of a blog. As  my most recent meaningful life experience mainly involved mashing a piece of hot metal with a large blunt instrument , I found that putting this blog together has been....@(*&*%$

Will not OBEY

Two things have spurred me to do this , actually three .

1. I hate painting, for me painting is the most heinous of tortures that should (in an ideal world) be reserved for the most despicable and imaginative of kiddy fiddlers.

This blog is just a new and creative way for me to avoid the PAINting, over time yo will see the incredible lengths I will go to to avoid painting multiple rank-and-file mini's, oh yes, you will.....

2. I have had enough of posting all my latest work/ thoughts on multiple sites Its becoming a bit of a mission to 'do the rounds', so I figured this would be a splendid place to consolidate it all and also to rant about how SH*T Eldar are in fifth and also how I seem to scrape wins in spite of my monumentally epic runs of bad luck. For example today saw Eldrad and Yriel die messily from only 5 wounds between them, Last week my farseer failed every single save he was asked to make (2) then promptly failed a perils a ghost helm and an invun, that particular event has gone down in club history as 'Projectile Farseer syndrome'

Needless to say Im hoping to do bat reps for my games so a wider audience can enjoy and share in my disbelief/nerd rage at my own misfortune.

3. Should really be at the top , I recently became interested in Dethtrons Blog 'Dick Move' and have been lurking there for a bit , the frankly hilarious content there has served as a bit of an eye opener for me into the freedom of blogging, the main selling point has to be being able to call Fucktard Asshats out on being cock wipes and just speaking my mind.

I will be discussing all things eldar here but I cannot promise I won't deviate into non hobby humour ,music, film, books or whatever shiny bauble has my helpless rapt attention at the time.

A recent spat of emails with Mr Tron and being involved in a recent post over there pushed me over the edge.

So Thankyou Dethtron, you lit the match......

And to get Everyone started here is my most recently finished work

And Look who is up next

No invun huh , never mind , its not like I'll pass it even if he did have one.

Finally as an afterthought contemplating the protection of the games designer genepool,  Does anyone know someone who might be interested in chemically castrating Matt Ward ?

 just planting seeds , hoping they'l grow.......