18 Dec 2010

Ulthwe Wave Serpent Completed !!

All done and dusted. One down, four to go ... This took three days instead of one like I had hoped.... ah well, next one should be a bit quicker as I have tweaked the black technique to speed things up.

The first pictures look far grayer than it is in RL, These last two are on a lower exposure to give a better idea of how they actually look,

Well , an absolute pig to paint with any speed. Not really happy about how long it's taking but can't cut the quality down. 6 More tanks to do in total *shudders

Well I'm off to give my back a rest and to read my new Banks novel. Back later with this weeks Eldar retro.


  1. Very Nice mate, cockpit looks impressive with the line highlight. Three days! wow, took me a month to paint my Falcon! Although 50% of it was white!

  2. lol, cheers , i almost wish it was white .... well three days solid work ima guessing around 18 hours , its far far too long when you have 8 to do in total.

    Eventually there is a scorpion and some flyers ...

  3. Just remember it will all be worth it in the end. I really want to paint some Eldar now!

  4. Very nice mate, all of them painted on the table should look fantastic.

  5. Cheers chaps , just relaised I'll have to re do the gems on the right hand side field vanes (as you look at it) all arse-about -tit compared to the others, oh well , ten min job tomorrow ...

  6. I painted six grav tanks for my hybrid mech army. Now i've changed my mind about it an d have to do at least three more for a full mech one...

    Yours are looking great and just think about how great the rmy will look once finished, makes painting a litle easier.


  7. Well peachy - I hope they return the favour and perform well in tournament play - at least netting a painting prize. Of course, you'll need to loving paint up some high-rolling die too ;)

  8. One of the nicest Eldar vehicles I have seen. Top marks!

  9. I love the tank!! The CW colors work perfect. How many hours did this take and did you mag the weapons for easy swap? I can't wait to see how the rest turn out.

  10. Cheers folks, positive response makes it easier to think about doing the next 6 ......

    If you read the previous comments Matt I said it was around 18 hours...

    Lol, as for the others other than the falcon , its just spamming the same scheme now , Ima trying to come up with some ideas for coloured markings to make things slightly more interesting and to tell who is riding in what in-game.

    hopefully more soon