12 Aug 2010

Thank Gawd its over !!

FINALLY finished these

Which Earns me one of these

Just an observation if I may , I am a retarded dullard , in my epic wisdom I decided that painting all three as a batch would 'speed things up'  Fail ...

I knew that I should do the Exarch separately I just wanted the whole lot over in one go , oh well lesson learned.

The celebration Whiskey is to reward myself for finishing 40 foot models, FORTY , Bleurgh

I have had a fiddle with Mr Ra's (Sir) base and have settled on this, I quite like the poetry of the Deamonette claw reaching around the Eldar ruin with Ra stood over , It shows that (in my mind) even though the Eldar civilization is a shade of itself thanks to the 'great Enemy' She still has to get past Sir ...

Blither waffle gibber pretentious waffle something pretentious something.

Also up next is the first of my fully magnetized prism's which I'll be painting now.


  1. Nice work on Ra's base, though I would rough up the stump on the claw arm, looks a little too clean in it's current state.

  2. Hmm, I see what you mean , not realy sure how to do it , bit o thin green stuff blended into the stump then shred ?

  3. what's that thing in your whisky?

  4. Maugan Ra is utterly badass - the skulls, more skulls, a giant gun, more skulls!

    As for the Whiskey...I do believe it's ice! I was not gifted with a sarcasm detector so apologies :p

  5. Yes its a nice piece of ice , traditionally you have some ice cold spring water in a scotch to 'open it up' a bit , works a treat if you ask me , Bourbon I drink straight ;o)

    Lol , yeah I agree , hoping Maugey sir will get the Lysander treatment in the new book as he is the Eldar chuck norris ;oP