16 Aug 2010

Im Firin mah Lazah .....

Mmmm hot laser Death

Just gotta do the base and a transfer or two, tomorrow whilst the undercoat on Sir dries.

Crystal/Prism detail
In other News Some Reapers turned up, now Sir has some minions to do his bidding.

"You , my room ten o'clock , and you .... ten thirty, bring a fiend"

Really pleased how my army palette came out on this.


 lighbox  to small /awkward to take any pictures from interesting angles ,  shows you what the model will look more like under 'normal' lighting


  1. Nice work on the prism crystal. Crisp high-lighting too. Very legit

  2. Cracking job mate, the work on the canopies and the crystals is particularly good. Only niggle is on the white - you can get away with it on infantry as the areas are that much smaller but I think it would benefit from a little more shading in the deepest recesses. Try adding a spot of graveyard earth to dheneb stone. Should be just enough to make the details pop.

  3. Thankyou , I is pleased with the canopies and crystal , especially with the canopies as I have never tried anything like that before, I'm glad there is only one more to do as it is very time consuming.

    The white is better in the flesh , the lamp washes it out a bit as it is pretty subtle but i really like the polished bone look.

    Need some microsol etc and some custom transfers to finish it as the GW Ulthwe ones are all Yellow FFS !

  4. *Grimaces, and spasms around the crotch*

    Ahem. I like your work.

  5. Lol - glad you approve, yours was one of the blogs that help trigger my own foray into the world of blogging.

    Should be more hobby soon.