5 Oct 2010

Moo hoo huh hu ha haaa haaagh !

*gibbering They'd all laugh at me if they knew what I was trying to do... to create a new strain of super-list in a half an hour with a fraction of nature's resources and out-dated designs eldar book ? and a FOOL for an assistant. "Shard ? he's mad," they'd say. "He's insane. He's dangerous." Well I'll show them! I'll show them all!

Yup I bought the ENTIRE Dark Eldar release today (except for the over priced bikes) My safety settings have been deleted/lost in the warp.

 let the wallet BURN !!

For all you soft pampered skill-less :oP Marine/BA/SW/IG players/ball bags out there, a brief yet deserved statement if I may, as we move (very briefly no doubt) into a reign of Eldar ascendancy.

And does the picture below remind anyone else of a certain DE character ? whodda thunk he had a handbag dog ?

Mr Foofy loved to help daddy with his work
Back soon with this weeks retro also let it be known that I shall be doing an anti retro (Rabid review ?) for the DE book when it lands so will be jumping up to 2 articles a week plus a deluge of hobby Inbetween.


  1. "Which one of you bitches wants to dance?"
    Love that show!

    I'm keeping my money for the moment, I'd just like to see what kinds of exploits we can make with the codex, how to work my plan of Harlies dancing alongside the Dark kin :p

  2. How about some hot chocolate huh ? ;o)