17 Oct 2010

Speak to me Goose....

Hello Bloggees

Been A little worried as hits and comments have died off recently, people also seem to be reading but not Commenting joining/following ? I suspect it has nothing to do with it being so Awsomroxscorxz !! that you are left wordless and welling up.

Is it something I said :'o(

Anyway, to try and nip this in the bud I have set up a poll for the lazy people over there on top right, Would be great to get some feedback from you lot.

Would be even better to get some suggestions in regards to Eldar /DE specific stuff I can do/cover for you on here ?

Bat reps are in the pipeline , but to do that I REALLY need to finish painting the army.......

Anyway, look forward to hearing from you :o)

Edit:Well I'm making this edoit some months after posting , here's a little treat for anyone who has bothered to read this far back ;o) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekXxi9IKZSA

Laughed my ass off .


  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I currently have 33 'Followers' but get between 50 and 80 hits a day.
    For the first 3 months I only had 5 followers and 1 of them was me...

  2. I was just concerned by the tail off is, thought I would sound people out anyway as it would be nice to offer/do more with the blog.

    We should sort out getting a game in a some point , you fancy a bat rep ?

  3. Your painting articles are really good as that is probably your strongest asset for the blog, and when the DE come I’m sure you will make them look awesome.

    My only criticism is your unit reviews which seem very dull. They just tell me what most Eldar players think of unit without actually using the units and rather than finding a way of making them work just tell me how crap, overcosted or good they are. You seem to have gone down the route if it doesn’t work for mechdar then its useless, which i disagree with. Maybe adding a section to you reviews where you add a sample army list that would make the unit in question work even just for a fun game rather than make it work in something it shouldn’t ie a more competitive game.

    Bat reps would be welcome though, just make sure both armies are painted and WYSIWYG or it will look and read bad after all the hard work you will have put in painting your army.

    Also getting out meeting more people outside your gaming club will help you promote your page as well as expand you hobby base, so that would help. A bloggers challenge would also be quiet cool and help cross promote.

    Another idea if your going to be limiting yourself to just Eldar/DE you have to think a bit more outside your own hobby comfort to make more interesting articles. For example, how do Eldar work in a Game of Planetstrike? how cool would it be to read about play test and have some fun with Planetstrike and how to make sucky units work in an environment which suit’s them.

    You also missed a an article about the new FW news for Eldar from games day with 2 new tanks at least one new aspect warrior type (including phoenix lord) and possible Eldar corsairs figures, there was plenty of new things to talk about. And how much more when IA:11 is out early/mid next year.

  4. lol, "very dull" fair enough

    I do Try and include what positive uses a unit can fill, regardless of how crap I think it is.

    As far as I am aware no one is using non mech with any real 'success' competitively so until the next book comes my stance has to be that if it aint mech/does not work with mech then it underperforms.

    I would like to get beyond the club , transport is an issue atm , I try to test stuff on vassal , the full usefulness of that, however, is open to debate.

    Army lists to make stuff work/fun to play I can do, I have several I like to use for fun as mechdar gets tired game after game.

    I am very much up for doing a bloggers challenge I think its a great idea ,bat reps and all.

    Since you last came my army is now fully wysiwg, just need to address my painters block now :o(

    Don't worry , IA is/has been hotly awaited here, I'll be giving it the full go over when it finally lands , hopefully my DE will be at a stage I can leave em for a bit when it does.

    Thanks for the thoughtful critique

  5. @ Sorrowshard - Unfortunately parenting commitments are currently making it difficult to get an evening free. As soon as that situation changes I'll let you know and we can meet up for a game.

    If we can arrange a time to meet a decent Battle Report should be fairly easy to generate between us. Battle reports do tend to generate a lot of comments even if most of them are of the 'What the hell where you thinking?' variety, lol.

  6. LOl, Well let me know, I'm fairly flexible ATM tho the club would be the best place to run it, not to fussed tho

    with the right notice I can borrow some of the club gear and run it here or frank;y wherever you like....

    I have camera / video and a couple of programs for making visuals for bat reps that I have thus far been to lazy to to use ;o)

  7. Let's see some more painting!!!!! Love the articles but more painting.

  8. All you can do is suck it up and wait, keep posting the articles and pretty pictures and people will come.

    Have a go at some long running articles that aren't about winning with Eldar, but beating them. You've got enough knowledge of the game and the armies to put together some very interesting articles about how each race can beat the Eldar. No need to give away all the secrets, just something to help a brother out.

    Either that or pick up a damn paintbrush?

  9. Yes, the pain...t brush.

    I like the idea for counter tactica, not a bad idea, I'll try and put something down soon, any requests in that department ?

    As for the painting I'm going to try and get a serpent done this week, know anyone who can do vinyl shrouds ?

    There will be DE test Models very soon ;o)