20 Jan 2011

Mad Bad and Dangerous To Know

Well for me the best character in the book is currently the Baron , him with a big blob of hellions is so much fun to play with and can be brutally effective. On monday they went all 'flying monkey' on a runepriests ass *belly laugh* "I got your psychic defense riight here beardy" people just cant comprehend having their character whisked away, do it in the end of your cc phase , in his turn he cant shoot you and can often only watch as the hellions do a slamdance on their heads. Delicious

Liking it so much I was inspired to make a suitable model , which is here for your veiwing pleasure , it is WIP pending some filling and touching up. I'm really liking him and may paint him up as a break from waveserpents soon.

Here he is :

And here Is the list I'm having great fun with: there may be some changes as I'm having teething troubles with wyches, they cant even seem to reliably beat guard or pink horrors thus far .....hoping they will get to shine vs hevier hitters at some point , they stay in as I wanted more scoring  and some AT ability in CC may prove worthwhile, sorely tempted to switch them out for incubi.... still thay also give me more bang for the buck from Sliscus , I'm fairly happy with it in this state and pending some small tweaks I'll roll it out once the mechdar achieve completion.

The Barons Flying Monkey Circus
Baron Sathonyz

Duke Sliscus 

14 hellions + Helliarch with stunclaw

9 warriors (duke starts here for serpents venom bonus) blaster + Raider with racks + FF 

10 wyches + 2 shard + imp hekatrix with agoniser + haywires in Raider (duke joins here later on to give more cc punch and the twin shardnets help him stay up for longer) or is that those little blue pills he was handing out ....hmmm

4 truborn with 4 blasters in a raider 

4 truborn with 4 blasters in a raider 

Fast Attack
6 reavers with champ + 2 HL

6 reavers with champ + 2 HL

Heavy Support



Release the Flying Monkeys !!


  1. Woah. It looks almost exactly like my list (I play at 2k, with another ravager, another wyches squad, no champ on the reavers, a couple different upgrades there and there and that's it)

    Very interestedto hear about how it performs as I'm still building the army!

  2. the ld9 comes in handy on the reavers , if I jumped to 2k , i would find a way to get incubi in and an extra ravager.

  3. I like his extra large Hellglaive.
    The head fits him nicely too.

  4. Nice subtle conversion. I like the bigger sleeker wings on the board and the bigger hellglaive. I like the list too. Looks like a lot of fun to run. Do the trueborn usually make it to the target?

  5. yup yup, truborn only gripe with the trueborn is the nature of lances, some games they just bounce. Otherwise no problems as yet, nice balanced fun list that seems to do a fair job of getting the most from the baron / duke and only relies on the currently released stuff, got sick of lance bounce so got a respectable amount (for DE) of ap 1 in there , have been pleasantly surprised by effectiveness of bladevanes too as a nice bonus.

    Up next will be a similarly subtle and tasteful Duke conversion , got the parts dug out and everything ;o)

    Got some CC, some torrent , a mix of units and everything 'can' deal with tanks , even the hellions , baron has multiple str 6-7 hits knocking on back armour and 42 str 4 (potentially 6 with a good drug result and FC) attacks will utterly mangle anything with rear AV 10 .... Most importantly as I have been playing the ever boring mechdar for so long , Its FUN , I also feel its a solid all comers list.

  6. I'm seeing some lovely Dark Eldar work out there at the moment, and yours is no exception. Excellent stuff.

  7. Very nice Baron conversion. Mine is pretty similar:

    I might steal that custom hellglaive idea, it's subtle but it really helps making it just a little different IMHO.

  8. Yo Shard, have you painted this awesome model yet? I'd love to see it.