19 Jan 2011

New ELDAR FW stuff , Shadow Spectres and Warp Hunter

NEW FORGEWORLD STUFF !!!!!!!  Forgeworld have released some sexeh new eldar toys on the run up to IA 11 , seriously the models are sweet, go see.

However I am not a happy bunny , Given their recent penchant for giving things super rules (Caestus/Achilles) I was expecting a solid showing for the new Edar stuff , should have learnt by now really,Gw Xeno ? yup the rules are weak.

The spectres will do a nice job as a long range anti tank shot (singular) but they are 35 points each and are t3 5++ ....... so shite then really , they will be lucky to survive long enough to shoot a single tank. someone blithered about cover and jet packs, wake up asshat , 5 t3 models with a 4+ cover save @ 35 points each , how fast can you kill that ? even at range ? think about it man !!! the gun is not even ap1 even fully linked up so their one full str shot of the game still has a 66% chance of doing feck all , now lets talk cover ....

Tlos is not their friend.

The Warphunter made me jizz in my pants (Model) However the rules are even poorer , this actually pushed me over the edge and have sent an email to forgeworld detailing my concerns.

It has a really cool warp rift mode , which tbh will make it a kamikaze vehicle , it is like what banewolves and hellhounds want to be when they grow up. you willl get insta deaded with melta for using it ....so Its not going to force out my usual fire prisms/falcon.

The really crap bit is that the MASSIVE gun looks like it should do something of a magnatude somewhere between the support wep and the Scorpion Gonne , its EXACTLY the same as the shitty D cannon in our fossil codex with an increase to range , so its going to miss all the time and people will mostly just take cover saves , it also blows as reliable AT also. Shame as that model deserves to be feared.

These are experimental non approved rules currently , hopefully FW will fix it to be a scary ass cannon like it is in Apoc , marines get a raider with TL multi meltas , immune to lance/melta av 14 -1 on the chart thunderfire trolly and we get 6" extra range on a crap gun ? give me strength.

Is IA11 going to be all about Imperials beating up on Eldar ? I bloody hope not. Seriously if you care and wanted something Decent out of what is likely to be the only Eldar FW support for a very long time, send em an Email, please, couple of people on the forums already have , Eldar unite !!


  1. I just caught up on the Shadow Spectres and Warp Hunter rules and have to agree with you regarding the Spectres.

    Though awesome minis, their rules are less than desirable. Give me 3 War Walkers every time.

    Now at first I thought the Warp Hunter was pretty cool, and I'm still on the fence about it but it seems to me that the Fire Prism is still a better choice.

    They're both relatively costed the same yet the Prism has almost double the range. I think the only thing the Hunter has over the Prism is the fact that it can shoot like a hellhound and it's AP2. Now that's some scary shit right there!

  2. its melta bait , and by taking it you will dilute your already limited ability to open stuff at range , unless you can open stuff and get close its useless, I believe a hellhound even has a better range ?

    Sorry to be miserable but I have been really looking forward to IA11 , was even delayed so they could spam MoAr marine shite and now it looks like Eldar are the sideshow faction in IA11 so the glorious imperials have something to shoot at again ....

  3. The only way I can see the Shadow Spectres working is if you keep them behind LoS blocking terrain (and it will be hard since they are very high up with those bases), pop one guy out to throw a shot with the ghostlight and then hide him again in the assault phase. You could give them the Exarch with Cynosomething to make that one shot twin linked but it's 22 points on top of everything. So if you get 4 of them plus the Exarch with that power you are paying 162 points for a 48'' range TL S10 AP2 Lance shot. I think it all boils down to if you will be playing in any boards with decent LoS blocking terrain.

    Nevertheless the models are fantastic!

  4. actually kind of like the tank rules. IG would kill to have the banewolf get a 6" shot. Pretty much the same points, plus it's a fast skimmer. yes please. add in the ability to still take a decent ranged shot, and I think you're getting an ok value for 125 points.

  5. Nah it's not even an ok shot, when it's not missing it's bouncing from your cover saves whilst only being able to reliably glance even the thinnest armour. Im just getting the feeling Eldar players have been numbed by years of crappy overpriced rules and are happy even just to have scraps served up, you are entitled to every bit as much crazy shit as the imperial releases, these rules should be better !

  6. I too dislike the rules - pretty much the same reasons as you, as I detailed on 3++ and BoLS. I will be sending an email to forgeworld too. It's such a shame that we're getting spoonfed with shite like the Nightspinner and these guys - even if the models are pornographically gorgeous.

  7. yeah , this is actually serious , its like GW dont know there is a problem with the Eldar stuff,judging from the DE book, dark lances will remain over priced for ever , plords will suck , exarchs will do very little for far too many points all of the 'special' and technological shit will have overcomplicated smoke and mirrors rules to hide the fact they are a bit shite and harlequins will stay Exactly the same ,pointless jester and all.....

    I mean, fuck, do you even think to compare it to the imperial things you spam out , then think of it in the context of super advanced older race tech .....

    Seriously *facepalm

  8. Even i have to agree the rules are a a tad weak and i normally support FW to the ends of the earth. The Shadow Spectres rules wise are fine and fill a nice hole in Aspect Design its the points that get men 23-28pts anywhere in that scale and id be happy bearing in mind these guys should always be getting a 4+ cover with there bonucing around tricks. AP1 would be nice on the combined shot but not essential.

    The Warp Hunter is in theory awesome the range i can accept and i like the barrage option and the template mode is amazing. The small blast is what makes it suck. Add another 20-30 points on it and make it a large blast and ill be happy.

  9. Hey Boom, been a while, I wanted badly to like these rules as I want the models , but after it sunk in i got a bit peeved.....

    toughness three with a 4+ cover is still shite , consider that each kill will reduce the 'effectiveness' . some kinda etherial veil of tears type rule is in order as is AP 1 , shove them in fast attack too for the love of god.

    The hunters warp rift is a two edged sword , Id be happy with a bigger template and +1 on the D-chart (glances on 2's penetrates on 4's) , will still miss alot .....

    Still Forgeworld listened on the Caestus so there is hope :o)

  10. Yeah the Achillies and Caestus are now to many points for what they do (Eldar Syndrome you may say) but im convinced Shadow Spectres should stay in HS as those who want to do an Aspect only army only have Dark Reapers in there where FA have Shinning Spears, Swooping Hawks and Warp Spiders. So in balance i dont mind and yes there soft but the terrain you play on is more of the problem than there stats.

    Maybe make the Warp Hunter Bs4 like to Fire Prism. If that happend and it got a large blast id pay for 150 points for it easy before upgrades.

    I also think both units are so unique compared to the other units in the list that they really need playtesting before there written off and i have no doubt that they will end up better in final print due to all the bitching about the rules that seems to be going on.

  11. Ima Get a Warphunter regardless , the model is great and the price is reasonable for FW .

    Will see on the rules , Im going to hold off on pre ordering IA11 though , I want to see it or at least know whats going on in there before I spend that kind of money on a book that 'could' transpire to be a crushing disappointment.

    Inching through the mechdar , will have to get a game at some point.