5 Nov 2010

All Bets Are OFF

Sorry Folks , Today is birthday day, whiskey has arrived, with moAr to follow, as have actual real life people to be 'social' ? with.

Here is a picture by way of excuse  for not posting the Retro this week ;o)

The next 48 hours are going to be messy , see you on the flip side.......


  1. And here was me thinking id be reading an intresting post about the new Eldar Hornet, never mind.

    Ah well, Happy Birthday and have a good one :).

  2. Happy Burtday! Don't do anything that you won't regre forever.

  3. Ah, man I even knew about it, its ok , like the bastard offspring of a Wwalker and a vyper, the twin pulse laser seems fairly nice, yet pricy,not sure I want to drop 130 points on an av11 coffin , might be worth look at the more frugal options , thinking twin scatters will be nice in terms of cost effectiveness.

    Thanks for the well wishes fellas :o)

    Gw seems to lack any imagination with eldar models , still looks like a falcon mash up .... Roll on some FW dark eldar, I wants me a jabba barge :oP ho ho ho Solo....

  4. What no Jack???? WTF!!! Happy Birthday. Turn that bitch all the way up and no streaking through the quads. LOL. Let's see some painted models soon okay!!!

  5. You only have jack IF your friends/family/Self are too stingy to buy woodford ;o) jack is paint stripper :oP

    Note: japanese malt is interesting......

  6. Feeling hungover yet? You better save some of that Japanese malt for when I come up next.

    Also, I've had an idea for my half of the doubles list - going for a themed list with Fabius Bile. Nice little link to the DE.

  7. Actually it was a creeper so steadily felt worse and worse today, lol thought I had got away with it this morning.

    Don't Worry about the Japanese malt, there is some left and after last night I wont be wanting to drink any whiskey/thing for quite some time ......

    Thats A freaking Great idea for the doubles !! I was thinking on doing a freaks list after my Kabal anyway, so that decides It, I'll throw a list together when I get some time. It will contain Urien Rackarth and as much of the freaky Heamo stuff as I can squeeze in.

    How many points is it again ?

  8. 1500, 750 each. Rules are on the GW website, under warhammer world events.

  9. Okies, 750 is even better , less painting ....