17 Nov 2010

Dark Eldar Test Scheme 1

1st Attempt , failure

Alternate view 2nd attempt
2nd attempt , different red 

This was inspired by majestic Chicken's Coloration of some GW art , Im not actually sure I like it, the photography is crap , Its bloody early in the morning and I cannot deal with faffing around with the camera right now , I'll try do better one and Edit later today .

I'll be doing my alternate theme either today or tomorrow, If I dont like either scheme by the time I start the army in earnest I'll likely just ripoff GW and do the Obsidian Rose Kabal.

What do people think ?

Now been multiple edits Due to WiP


  1. Amazing, your paint style fits the darker kin much better than the craftworld ones (and they look awsome) so many well dones.

    But do hope this dosnt distract you from painting you Craftworld tanks.

  2. He looks sexy, go forth and multiply...quickly

  3. My local GW did their display models in a similar scheme, but yours is waaaaay better

  4. Not sure mate, the choice of colours is fine, but it's not quite 'popping' for me. I think the edge highlights are a little too thick and a bit too dark. Could just me me though.

  5. Nah , you are mostly saying what I was thinking , prob needed one more sharp highlight, as you know I hate going past red to highlight as you end up using pink or orange (bleurgh) If I stick with this scheme ima change the red....

    Going to try something requiem inspired/ sin city esque next

    What would you do to make this pop out of interest ?

  6. Personally i'd drop the purple loincloth - it's a bit too much for a detail colour and clashes with the red. I'd go with the fleshy cloth, similar to the studio paint job.

    For the red, try one last highlight, adding a flesh colour to the red - not too pink, not too orange. Either that or add vomit brown, that works pretty well added to red as a highlight.

  7. I was gonna chime in and recommend vomit brown too. I've struggled with the same problems highlighting red and that seems to be the best solution. I've also heard people recommend using a wash after the final highlight to knock the color back a bit and blend the colors together.

  8. Iuse inks , especially if you are using a colour to highlight that washes out the colour, the high and vibrand pigment in the inks put the pop back in....

    Vomit brown huh , is that added to blood red ?

  9. Re done all the red,(see 2nd post edit above) still not sure , feh , lets hope the next paint scheme works ....

  10. The new red looks nice, but to be honest i prefered the slightly darker first scheme you did. While the new one is a nice vibrant colour, the first scheme had a moodier look that i think suits the DE better. I know you prefer inks, but try a badab black wash, you might be suprised in the difference one its done.

  11. I actually like the first 'failure' best out of them all though I'd have probably gone with red for the 'loincloth' rather than purple.

    Your failures are still better than my successes, which is slightly depressing if I'm honest, lol.

  12. Aww man , I like neither of them now ..... this is why we test.

    Ill try knock up something different tonight