30 Nov 2010

Big News: DE Art for Rant

Hellions -coloration by Majesticchicken

Some people may not get this , but Im excited to bits,hopefully you have noticed by now, that I always try and use artwork on this site, I'm a massive art fan and GW art has been an inspiration to my hobby and many others from the very start.

A while back one guys work came to my attention, his name and art have cropped up on here before and he is my top fan artist, I love the colours he uses and the feel he creates with his work.

I have used and will continue to use any Eldar related fan artwork in the hope that it increases the quality of my readers experience and also importantly gets some of these really talented guys some recognition.

Recently I have been frustrated with finding good art for my DE reviews , which came to a head when I had to use all black and white for the Incubi article I wrote yesterday, displeased with this I actually made contact with the colourist/artist responsible for the awesomeness above.

So it is with some fanfare that I would like to Introduce MajesticChicken  to those who have been unfortunate enough not to have enjoyed his work so far. I really wanted to give him some exposure through my blog as I adore his work. Hands down some of the best coloured GW fan art / colouration you will see.

He has kindly agreed to provide me and the Rant readership with Colourations for the Rave review series of articles and possibly Retro too. I hope all you readers get as much pleasure from his work as I do !!

His work now also adorns the this weeks Rave review : Incubi , go see the picture and have a read, enjoy :o)

Edit: Quick update, chicken has just sent me some more (a machine ?), I have updated the Haemo Rave review with the brand new shiny, as for the others, guess you'll just have to watch this space *grin


  1. Some great work with those new Dark Eldar pieces.

    Speaking of Dark Eldar, you made the list over at From The Warp this week.....


  2. While I can appreciate his original pieces, I have to say that colorizing another artist's work and putting it in your gallery is considered extremely bad form in the best of cases and theft in the worst of cases.
    I also don't consider use of overlays and color dodging another's work, art. Especially considering that many of those pieces exist as color works and have simply been printed in B&W.

  3. Each to his own I guess, I feel use of colour, lighting and choices of colours are equally important. Colourists work in the comics industry, some are extremely talented and considered artists in their own right.

    I can't sculpt for shit, but my painting is pretty good, does that make me less , not really as I have never claimed to be a sculptor.....

    Colouring in some B&W art is hardly 'bad form' putting down someones talent because you don't agree with the 'ethics' could be considered such.

    As far as I aware Majestic always credits the original artist and has never claimed them as his own works.

    GW as a company provides its many customers with products and ctively encourages us to put our own mark on them , Is this any different to me painting a model and putting it in my gallery ?

    Although I disagree with you ,I can see others may take a similar stance , thanks for raising the point as I believe to be well worth discussing.

    Steve, I agree , loving them myself , and yeah , making the FTW list is cool, loads of hits, but no comments or new folks, shame ....

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