25 Nov 2010

Dark Eldar Test Scheme 2

Well , I managed to get a good idea in my head and subsequently managed to paint something last weekend, not quite what I was aiming for , kinda painted itself.....

If I go with this scheme I think the helmets will be black with metal details or green maybe both for variety, will have the glowing purply- pink eyes.

Even though Its better than the last I'm not sure I like this one either ....

I still have the requiem/sin city style to try and another idea or two to flesh out on, lets see how the former  pans out next.

Also managed to post this weeks eldar review below, dont miss out ;o)


  1. I like this one even more (i think) but id get your 3rd one done and then put it up on a poll and see which one wins.

  2. Think I prefer this one to the first, though I think there might be a little too much green - blending black through to green would give a much better result, and would be a better contrast to the metal.

    Looking forward to the 'noir' paint job though.

  3. Yeah, you are prob right , if i opt for this one I'll likely do that, needs to be a little darker.

    Both of the tests so far would work with some tweaks.....

    The dark high contrast red and black from the codex still appeals, I have a few ideas , I'll keep going til I hit something that clicks.

    If there had not been so much black and purple in the mechdar .......

  4. Very nice (as ever). I especially like the face. You've given it a really cool anime look. I still like the first one with the red highlights.

    How about doing the crew of each Raider in different colours, like the crews of 18th Century ships.

    That way you could change to painting a different crew whenever you got bored.

  5. Thats actually a great Idea, if I was not looking for a kinda unified moody/dark military feel for them I would defo consider it , also gets round the monotony issue .......

    Is a fantastic idea for a Sliscus list.

    Cheers Euan

  6. In the British Navy the Captain used to have the right and responsibility of dressing his boat crew and they tended to use this as an outlet for their creativity. The boat crew of HMS Blazer were given fetching, short jackets of a type that now carry the vessels name. The crew of HMS Harlequin were less fortunate as their commander chose to dress them in full Harlequin Costumes (though I guess he drew the line at white grease paint).

  7. Lol, love old school British eccentricity , HMS Harlequin muxt have looked awesome :o)

  8. This is my favorite of the three. I know..I know the green is the codex color but yours mixes the metallics in and that just works. Great stuff.

  9. Thanks Oni ,I'm not sold on iy so I'm gonna keep pushing out the tests , seems you are the only person out of 700 visitors that like it , we like a man with good taste here :oP